Who am I?

Who am I?

I am everything and I am nothing.  Or maybe somewhere in between.

I need food, water, shelter.  Just like everyone here.

I hate nothing.  If there is such a thing.

I like going fast.  No other feeling like it.

I hear music every chance I have.  Too many songs to mention.

I speak what seems right.  Things just sound wight.

I feel normal.  The society is just strange.

I touch nothing.  Thanks physics.

I listen to everything.  Pay attention to little.

I love smiling.  Do not practice enough.

I try my best. At least I say I do.

I want happiness, and peace inside.  And harmony in my surrounding.

I react physically at times.  Mentally always.

I think too much.  Thoughts create the color grey.

I see the same things everyday.  Just notice something new on occasion.

I do what I can.  Not always enough.

I have eighteen years. And eighteen I’s.

I am here. And that is fine with me.

Miles C.

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