So let me be honest
I feel the need to come clean
I have put this front up for long enough
So please listen to the truth

You never occupy my mind
And do not touch my thoughts
I laugh when you are sad
And am happy if you feel pain
If I could I would hit you
And kick you while you’re down
For I have never known the meaning of hate
Until I saw your face
If you enter the hospital
Don’t expect a “Get Well”
And if I die
Don’t bother coming to the funeral
You made flowers
Lose their smell
And music
Lose its magic
For you proved to me
How life is cruel
And showed me a conscience
Is pure imagination
I once thought my life
Was better than the movies
I now see what I lived
Was as fake as lights and cameras

That is the end
There is my rant
I only wish that was true
Because what is above
Are just more lies

Miles C.

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