Untitled #5

I wish you would just take my hand
Lead me away from this place
Help escape this jail
And show me my home

Cause I have been lost
For way too long
Just been drifting around
Walking but never stepping

Every night I rush to sleep
To bring tomorrow around
And I open my eyes
Hoping it will be a bit nicer

Even though the sun is shining
Inside it’s still snowing
Shivering, with out a coat
When will this land start to thaw

I have my world on mute
Building a wall to separate
Keeping me in and the rest out
Yet I hate knowing you will never hear this

They said give it time
So I keep staring at my wrist
The hands are hardly moving
Has time stopped, or was it just my heart

Miles C.

    • Anonymous
    • March 30th, 2010

    A little suggestion. Always title your work. And remember, sometimes, the title is the last word to be written.

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