Ready To Write

Sometimes I can just sit down
And write
Let the feelings flow
The ones that start in my heart
And are strong enough
To fight my brain
They break through some wall
And travel to my fingers
The ones that tap dance on the keyboard
And sometimes cuddle with a pencil
I try to figure out how to communicate
The things I feel into things I can say
And then hope when things are read
They are comprehended and become what I felt

Other times I can’t write
It just seems my life is empty
And all feelings experience a lull
No beautiful highs or painful lows
Nothing can escape my brain
And I start to write for the sake of writing
The words, like these, feel like words
And once, read have no emotional
And you have no reaction
I am tired of this aimless writing
Tired of an emotionless life
Where nothing important seems to occur
Saying, “I don’t care,” about everything
I am ready to care again
I am ready to write

Miles C.

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