I wish I had two sets of eyes
Then I could see the world in a different perspective
If I could wear two pair of glasses
I might truly understand you
I can judge and comment
Mock or sincerely imitate
But I can only watch the show
That is playing in my eyes

Miles C.

Always Smile

Yeah we may change
But all things remain the same
There will be different names and
Strange places with unusual sheets
Yet you are you
And I am me
And we will always just be
With something in-between
The clock keeps ticking
But time is never wasting
So just promise me
That you will always smile
Even if you forget me

Miles C.

You Know

we are going to nowhere
do you know how to get there
we are looking for something
have you ever seen it
we really love that tune
can you sing it
we live the life
you must know what we mean

Miles C.

Time To Leave

How do we know it’s time to leave
How to say goodbye
And where to go

The hands have reached that time
And the alarms have sounded
But does that mean you’re ready

Looking at old pictures
And reliving past memories
You realize it’s not all complete

Your to-do list is not finished
You still have things to say
And some people to see

Remember all the plans your made
But never got around to them
Because there was always something in your way

Go on that one date
Call your old friends
Say you’re sorry

There is only so much time
Don’t waste it
Stop thinking

Get everything done
So when it is time
You have no problem moving on

Miles C.


Let go of the brakes

At the top of your own hill

Coast, and feel the wind

Miles C.

Bonnaroo ’10

We made it boys
The music is over
But the memories won’t fade
We did that shit up

They all said we would never go
We said fuck you; see you in ‘roo

We didn’t shower or shave
We ate shit and pissed lemon lime Gatorade
We didn’t sleep
But damn did we have a good time

The music was live
Flowing from This That and the Other
To satisfy our eardrums cravings
And we will never forget
Which or What
The music from the stages
Was truly unforgettable

It may have been a bit warm
And the drive a bit long
And the price a bit high
And our hygiene a bit gross

But if I could
I would leave now to go back
To the farm
To our home
To Bonnaroo.

Miles C.

World Is Steady

World is steady
Wind calm
Ocean flat
No clouds
Or rain
Sun is gone
No moon
Or stars
Life is still.
Today is a day
Yesterday same
As tomorrow
Little worries
Hearts beating
Eyes blinking
No change
No unknown
Excitement gone
Time to walk
Time for a new page

Miles C.