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Mr. Murphy

You say your life sucks
No one could have worse luck
Every thing seems to go wrong
Your name should be Murphy

Your beds a new geometric shape
Cause every side is the wrong side
The showers always is cold
And you’re always out of milk
It’s a new day, but still feels like a Monday

They ask, “Is it just
One of those days?”
You can’t help but answer
It’s just my luck, just my life

You seem to always trip
Never fail to fall
Only ever seeing dark
All day, every day

It tends to rain on your birthday
And you never have a parking spot
When you look into tomorrow
You accept it will be like today

Dude, just open your eyes
For all of the bad there is good
For every wrong there is a right
You just tend to stay one side

So come on over and see the light
With so much positive within you reach
You must need glasses not to notice it
Life is good, it might be great
It just depends how you see it

Miles C.