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Always Smile

Yeah we may change
But all things remain the same
There will be different names and
Strange places with unusual sheets
Yet you are you
And I am me
And we will always just be
With something in-between
The clock keeps ticking
But time is never wasting
So just promise me
That you will always smile
Even if you forget me

Miles C.

Waking up to the Real World

Blink your eyes
The picture can change
Hold your breath
And your whole world transforms

One minute you’re floating
And the next you are plummeting
You can think you are going up
But you end up down

Things just happen
Truth comes out
I am always saying one thing
Hoping it’s false

Wild the way it works
Some how this scale is even
Just wish I was on the other side
But all things should happen for a reason

Miles C.


Do people change
Do habits, wants, and needs shift
Motives, goals, and ideals adjust
One person becoming another
Or do things remain the same
Every visible change bringing you
One step closer to your true self
The good people stay good
And the liars keep lying
It is what it is, I guess.

Miles C.