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What do you think of death? What is it? What continues after death?

Life and or death
With one comes the other
The latter is the only certainty
One may experience

Death is always there
And can not be feared
Although that is easier
Said then done

Death means a split
In my mind, it’s not that simple
Its not just de and ath
But division of body and soul

The body comes
Grows and develop
But only to a point
Before long it goes
Decays and declines
Leaving what once was great
Merely emaciated
Frail and lifeless

The body is a vehicle
People have no choice
The shape size or color
Only minor upgrades
And major downgrades
Like all vehicles
Once it is dead
It stops moving

The soul never comes
Always there yet always changing
It never dies
But always moving on
At the time a death
The soul takes flight
Unsure of where it goes
But it does not end

If the body is the vehicle
The soul is the driver
Placed into a body
Without a say
The difference is
Unlike the body
The soul moves on
And just forgets its past

The soul will continue
The body will end
We bury the body
And pray for the soul
Death is the division
Of the work done when you were born

Miles C.