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Crossing a Street

Take a walk and let’s realize
How we are when we are
Face to face
Hand in hand, finger tips touching
Close enough to kiss
Most feel tense
Possible nervous, slightly stressed
Yet we do not worry, for we
have been here before
We always wonder why not
For we have not a reason
To stop here, every time
Well for now, let’s play a game
Do you trust me?
Close your eyes
And try not to cheat
Let me lead you
Let me be your eyes
Walking along this sidewalk
Besides the cracked pavement
Just because this road isn’t smooth
Does not mean we can not cross it

Miles C.

Blanket at the Beach

Our past is filled with
Its ups and some downs
Some of the best days
And the hardest times
We might have fought some
But definitely smiled plenty
And took the time to just stop
And listen to our laughter
Sometimes there is some tension
In the connection between us
But we seem to fix our mistakes
And do our best to patch the holes
For I think it’s safe to say
Always and forever

Miles C.