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Questions of God #2 and 3

What role does he/she play in your life?

My life is simple,
It is planned
Everything happening
For one reason
Just let it flow
My life is not based
On the idea of god
No need to sit and study
I instead just try
And follow what might
Be right and never wrong

If you could ask him/her a question what would it be?

Why would anyone
Want one question
Life is an uncertainty
So why ever be sure
Life makes me guess
So I never would ask
Not even one thing.

Miles C.

Questions of God #1

Do you believe in god or an ultimate reality if so what is he/she like?

In a world of science
where reason rules
How can you believe
when you can not prove

When I sit back and look,
everyday things take place
So connected, more then just one instance
Hard to say, “Just a coincidence”

Can not say I practice anything official
But there is a feeling
Someone, something
Is making life, just work.

I do not understand
why some need proof
or even require a name
Does it really matter

Many people, many backgrounds
Many religions, many beliefs
No need to look close
Most share a same idea

My god may be your god
When I pray
no single face appears
He or she is just there.

Miles C.