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What do you think life still has to teach you?

All the people
All the movies
The books and stories
The teachers and tests
They try their best to open your eyes
And influence your thoughts
Everyday they try to help you learn
From algebra to history
Morals to tying your shoes
And all of these thoughts get crammed into my head
Some get sorted through and organized
Shakespeare tethered to English
My social security number with personal
But most is just left floating without an anchor
But each day I live, things will make more sense
And I will finally experience what my forth grade science teacher was talking about
And all of the sudden that thought has a new place in my brain
Sometimes it seems all this time we spend in school
And the time we call growing up
Is when we fill our heads with endless ideas
And most of the thoughts are never developed
Life’s job is to allow me to experience
And through experience I will learn
Not new thoughts
But actually understanding
For life to accomplish this task
I have to live
Outside of my family’s protection
Away from schools
Being able to learn first hand
And not just hear about others mistakes
I want life to teach me
Everything that I have been told

Miles C.