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I wish I had two sets of eyes
Then I could see the world in a different perspective
If I could wear two pair of glasses
I might truly understand you
I can judge and comment
Mock or sincerely imitate
But I can only watch the show
That is playing in my eyes

Miles C.


Let go of the brakes

At the top of your own hill

Coast, and feel the wind

Miles C.

World Is Steady

World is steady
Wind calm
Ocean flat
No clouds
Or rain
Sun is gone
No moon
Or stars
Life is still.
Today is a day
Yesterday same
As tomorrow
Little worries
Hearts beating
Eyes blinking
No change
No unknown
Excitement gone
Time to walk
Time for a new page

Miles C.

What do you think life still has to teach you?

All the people
All the movies
The books and stories
The teachers and tests
They try their best to open your eyes
And influence your thoughts
Everyday they try to help you learn
From algebra to history
Morals to tying your shoes
And all of these thoughts get crammed into my head
Some get sorted through and organized
Shakespeare tethered to English
My social security number with personal
But most is just left floating without an anchor
But each day I live, things will make more sense
And I will finally experience what my forth grade science teacher was talking about
And all of the sudden that thought has a new place in my brain
Sometimes it seems all this time we spend in school
And the time we call growing up
Is when we fill our heads with endless ideas
And most of the thoughts are never developed
Life’s job is to allow me to experience
And through experience I will learn
Not new thoughts
But actually understanding
For life to accomplish this task
I have to live
Outside of my family’s protection
Away from schools
Being able to learn first hand
And not just hear about others mistakes
I want life to teach me
Everything that I have been told

Miles C.

What is the purpose of life?

Live, love, laugh
Does Hallmark have a copyright?
A pleasant idea, a pretty picture
Positively positive and perfectly partial

Shift towards another subject, a different book
Living for lives, sex
To make love, fornicate, and fuck
Intercourse, reproduce, and mate. Rinse and repeat

Instead of using a mirror, examine the ground
Search and dig for the earthworm
The one who lives the life
That may be written in reverse

Look quickly and unable to tell
Head from tail, back from front
And never knowing
If he is awake or in a dream

We get rid of his food
And value his wastes
They don’t need to see
Nor do they seem to hear

Spends his day on the bottom
Hidden in the dark, in the dirt
Where he is born and brought to life
Knowing nothing of the sun

And during the time
We all run inside
When the clouds come
And things turn to gray

The worms embrace it
They come out and seemingly enjoy it
Until the sun shines and we open our doors
The rain dries, leaving him stranded with no where to hide

He ends in the light
And lays in the open
No one to mourn
No one simply cares

As you read his journal
You might realize
The worms only purpose
Is to dance in the rain, and die

Miles C.

Mr. Murphy

You say your life sucks
No one could have worse luck
Every thing seems to go wrong
Your name should be Murphy

Your beds a new geometric shape
Cause every side is the wrong side
The showers always is cold
And you’re always out of milk
It’s a new day, but still feels like a Monday

They ask, “Is it just
One of those days?”
You can’t help but answer
It’s just my luck, just my life

You seem to always trip
Never fail to fall
Only ever seeing dark
All day, every day

It tends to rain on your birthday
And you never have a parking spot
When you look into tomorrow
You accept it will be like today

Dude, just open your eyes
For all of the bad there is good
For every wrong there is a right
You just tend to stay one side

So come on over and see the light
With so much positive within you reach
You must need glasses not to notice it
Life is good, it might be great
It just depends how you see it

Miles C.

File In the Cake

An impression, like there are
so many emotions,
Filled with feelings,
Thinking about thoughts.
All bottled up,
Locked with a key
Trying to let them out,
Unable to get the hints
Put the file in the cake,
And the window is open
I can feel the draft

Unresolved problems
Answerless questions
An unsound history
Still waiting to
Accept the past
And realize reality

Everything I touch
Just feels cold
Try to open up, but
No matter how loud I yell,
The pitch of the scream,
Or the frequency of the syllables
Feels like no one can hear me
I know this
Impediment is not that severe

Miles C.