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What do you think life still has to teach you?

All the people
All the movies
The books and stories
The teachers and tests
They try their best to open your eyes
And influence your thoughts
Everyday they try to help you learn
From algebra to history
Morals to tying your shoes
And all of these thoughts get crammed into my head
Some get sorted through and organized
Shakespeare tethered to English
My social security number with personal
But most is just left floating without an anchor
But each day I live, things will make more sense
And I will finally experience what my forth grade science teacher was talking about
And all of the sudden that thought has a new place in my brain
Sometimes it seems all this time we spend in school
And the time we call growing up
Is when we fill our heads with endless ideas
And most of the thoughts are never developed
Life’s job is to allow me to experience
And through experience I will learn
Not new thoughts
But actually understanding
For life to accomplish this task
I have to live
Outside of my family’s protection
Away from schools
Being able to learn first hand
And not just hear about others mistakes
I want life to teach me
Everything that I have been told

Miles C.

Why are you doing what you are doing?

To pass, get the grade
Earn a degree, make some money
Appease your parents and out-do your siblings
This constant race is a never ending game

They will say
I want to help people, Or
I do not have a choice
They don’t realize
It is all one lie

We are completely selfish
No matter what you say
The only thing pushing you
Is only one thing, you

Your drive is mental
And your cravings crazy
Life only cares for itself
From the bacteria to the humans

We do what we do
Day in and night out
For ourselves
To survive or just to smile

Miles C.


A life with out seconds
Creates a simple portrait
Where nothing can move
Because without time,
There is no such thing as life

This moment never will last
But our lives are filled with moments
And moments combined create time
Meaning time is life
And life needs time

As you sit back and let the hands move
And if you’re not enjoying the moment
Make sure to realize, all that time is your life
And instead of sitting and waiting
Start living

Time will create life
But also brings death
Every hour brings us closer
To the time when we will not breathe
For death is the only truth in a world filled of lies

Live in your time
Without thought of past minutes
Or future days
Your clock will strike twelve
Only so many times

Miles C.

What is the purpose of life?

Live, love, laugh
Does Hallmark have a copyright?
A pleasant idea, a pretty picture
Positively positive and perfectly partial

Shift towards another subject, a different book
Living for lives, sex
To make love, fornicate, and fuck
Intercourse, reproduce, and mate. Rinse and repeat

Instead of using a mirror, examine the ground
Search and dig for the earthworm
The one who lives the life
That may be written in reverse

Look quickly and unable to tell
Head from tail, back from front
And never knowing
If he is awake or in a dream

We get rid of his food
And value his wastes
They don’t need to see
Nor do they seem to hear

Spends his day on the bottom
Hidden in the dark, in the dirt
Where he is born and brought to life
Knowing nothing of the sun

And during the time
We all run inside
When the clouds come
And things turn to gray

The worms embrace it
They come out and seemingly enjoy it
Until the sun shines and we open our doors
The rain dries, leaving him stranded with no where to hide

He ends in the light
And lays in the open
No one to mourn
No one simply cares

As you read his journal
You might realize
The worms only purpose
Is to dance in the rain, and die

Miles C.

What is the highest ideal a person can reach?

Honesty is at the top
The last block, the peak
Yet once it is reached
You can always look up

Honesty, a peak with no path
Some ideals, unattainable
Able to see it, but
just a goal and not a reality

Honesty, some people try for it
Some put forth sincere efforts
Some might tend to slack
Just do not be the latter

Honesty versus life
A tough battle, life never loses
It’s the road block, the obstacle
Makes the path impassible

Honesty is a lonely road
The peak, filled with only fiction
Characters of our society
No one really ever reaches the peak

Miles C.

What is the most important thing you have learned in your life?

Growing up, getting in trouble
Making mistakes, or just bad choices
Father always asking
“A lesson learned
Or just observed”

Always thought, sure
I learned the lessons
Possess a slight understanding
Of life and how humans are
How to trust, how to believe
And that we all have a conscience
That we must listen to

Eventually all of
My rules find exceptions
Holes in the nets
Errors in the calculations
This makes me realize
Perhaps I do not know anything

And I never learned a whole lesson
Just bits and pieces of the big picture
Just taking note of what doesn’t work
I am just observing my lessons for now
And still waiting to learn a truth

Miles C.

If you could change anything in life what would it be?

Anything could be everything
Past, present, or future
Nothing is too significant
Even could be the King of
England, Pop, or Rock.
Be today’s Gandhi
Or tomorrow’s Lennon
And God isn’t too extreme.

Scale it down, just a bit
It’s the small stuff that adds up
Could change that one score
Eleven ninety to sixteen hundred
Make the one date happen
Dinner and the movies, a walk on the beach
And never make that one mistake,
That haunts forever

Or just live life,
Be happy with what’s around
Realize what can be done
And not worry about the rest
Idea of changing life,
A scary idea, indeed
The answer to the question is:
I would not change a thing.

Miles C.