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Time To Leave

How do we know it’s time to leave
How to say goodbye
And where to go

The hands have reached that time
And the alarms have sounded
But does that mean you’re ready

Looking at old pictures
And reliving past memories
You realize it’s not all complete

Your to-do list is not finished
You still have things to say
And some people to see

Remember all the plans your made
But never got around to them
Because there was always something in your way

Go on that one date
Call your old friends
Say you’re sorry

There is only so much time
Don’t waste it
Stop thinking

Get everything done
So when it is time
You have no problem moving on

Miles C.


Let go of the brakes

At the top of your own hill

Coast, and feel the wind

Miles C.

Bonnaroo ’10

We made it boys
The music is over
But the memories won’t fade
We did that shit up

They all said we would never go
We said fuck you; see you in ‘roo

We didn’t shower or shave
We ate shit and pissed lemon lime Gatorade
We didn’t sleep
But damn did we have a good time

The music was live
Flowing from This That and the Other
To satisfy our eardrums cravings
And we will never forget
Which or What
The music from the stages
Was truly unforgettable

It may have been a bit warm
And the drive a bit long
And the price a bit high
And our hygiene a bit gross

But if I could
I would leave now to go back
To the farm
To our home
To Bonnaroo.

Miles C.

World Is Steady

World is steady
Wind calm
Ocean flat
No clouds
Or rain
Sun is gone
No moon
Or stars
Life is still.
Today is a day
Yesterday same
As tomorrow
Little worries
Hearts beating
Eyes blinking
No change
No unknown
Excitement gone
Time to walk
Time for a new page

Miles C.

What do you think life still has to teach you?

All the people
All the movies
The books and stories
The teachers and tests
They try their best to open your eyes
And influence your thoughts
Everyday they try to help you learn
From algebra to history
Morals to tying your shoes
And all of these thoughts get crammed into my head
Some get sorted through and organized
Shakespeare tethered to English
My social security number with personal
But most is just left floating without an anchor
But each day I live, things will make more sense
And I will finally experience what my forth grade science teacher was talking about
And all of the sudden that thought has a new place in my brain
Sometimes it seems all this time we spend in school
And the time we call growing up
Is when we fill our heads with endless ideas
And most of the thoughts are never developed
Life’s job is to allow me to experience
And through experience I will learn
Not new thoughts
But actually understanding
For life to accomplish this task
I have to live
Outside of my family’s protection
Away from schools
Being able to learn first hand
And not just hear about others mistakes
I want life to teach me
Everything that I have been told

Miles C.

Ready To Write

Sometimes I can just sit down
And write
Let the feelings flow
The ones that start in my heart
And are strong enough
To fight my brain
They break through some wall
And travel to my fingers
The ones that tap dance on the keyboard
And sometimes cuddle with a pencil
I try to figure out how to communicate
The things I feel into things I can say
And then hope when things are read
They are comprehended and become what I felt

Other times I can’t write
It just seems my life is empty
And all feelings experience a lull
No beautiful highs or painful lows
Nothing can escape my brain
And I start to write for the sake of writing
The words, like these, feel like words
And once, read have no emotional
And you have no reaction
I am tired of this aimless writing
Tired of an emotionless life
Where nothing important seems to occur
Saying, “I don’t care,” about everything
I am ready to care again
I am ready to write

Miles C.

Why are you doing what you are doing?

To pass, get the grade
Earn a degree, make some money
Appease your parents and out-do your siblings
This constant race is a never ending game

They will say
I want to help people, Or
I do not have a choice
They don’t realize
It is all one lie

We are completely selfish
No matter what you say
The only thing pushing you
Is only one thing, you

Your drive is mental
And your cravings crazy
Life only cares for itself
From the bacteria to the humans

We do what we do
Day in and night out
For ourselves
To survive or just to smile

Miles C.

Summer Waking

As we wonder down these halls
And look through the windows

All the rooms are black
With a single flashing beam of life

The air is warm and humid
The seats feel cold and sticky

The learning has slowed
But the excitement accelerated

We’ve made it to the end
And another beginning is rapidly approaching

Miles C.


Your body is filled with fire
Everything screaming in pain
Exponentially increasing with ever meter
All around you can feel this pain

But you’re on the next level
You can see it in their faces
Perhaps they can not do it
Or just given in, and up

Everything is flying by, surroundings blurry
You can’t notice a thing
But you can see the gate
And only the road leading towards it

You push yourself farther, harder
As if there is only room for you
And what feels like a lifetime
Is finally over

You crossed through the gate from hell
Its time to finally to breathe
You felt dead, but now you’re living and loving
Enjoy the view from the top step

Miles C.

Once in a While

Even though it’s rare
That we exchange words
Your voice still rings in my mind
A harmony that never leaves

And ever once and a while
When we pass and our eyes meet
I lose myself in the swirl of color
The design that seems flawless
Even to the most critical eyes

Your skin is soft and language sweet
The few words we speak
Get forever replayed in my brain
They never fail to make a smile

Miles C.