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The Youth

Lets be young again
And never grow old
We can go on a date
During our recess
And I will even share
The lunch my mom packed
Lets play silly games
Because I call “I’m not it”
We can be shy
And feel uncomfortable
Everyday we will wake up
And want to go to school
I will look forward to Mondays
Because I will see you
Math would be fun
If I sat next to you
Lets hold hands
Lets just smile
Lets be young again
Or at least pretend

Miles C.

Once in a While

Even though it’s rare
That we exchange words
Your voice still rings in my mind
A harmony that never leaves

And ever once and a while
When we pass and our eyes meet
I lose myself in the swirl of color
The design that seems flawless
Even to the most critical eyes

Your skin is soft and language sweet
The few words we speak
Get forever replayed in my brain
They never fail to make a smile

Miles C.

Crossing a Street

Take a walk and let’s realize
How we are when we are
Face to face
Hand in hand, finger tips touching
Close enough to kiss
Most feel tense
Possible nervous, slightly stressed
Yet we do not worry, for we
have been here before
We always wonder why not
For we have not a reason
To stop here, every time
Well for now, let’s play a game
Do you trust me?
Close your eyes
And try not to cheat
Let me lead you
Let me be your eyes
Walking along this sidewalk
Besides the cracked pavement
Just because this road isn’t smooth
Does not mean we can not cross it

Miles C.