How Far is Spring?

And for when you start missing me
I hope you have the memories
The times we smiled
Or maybe some clothes

And even though we are apart
The days may feel long
But the time is short
You are never far from my mind

And the moment we see each other
We both will remember
Why we missed each other
And why we both so patiently wait

Scotch Tape

We all are using tape
To fix all the holes
And tears and cuts
That we seem to find

We know it won’t hold
No matter what
But it works, even if
It is just for now

We just need to get by
One step at a time
Hold it together for today
Worrying about tomorrow, tomorrow

We will soon realize,
That all these imperfections
Should be considered blessing
And life keeps going
Without the need of tape

Miles C.

Phat Beats

I just want to lay awake
With only my music
Thoughts clear
Mind free

Listen to my speakers
Loud enough to feel
Each beat, with my heart
Hypnotized to a trance

I just want to lay awake
With only my music
Alone in every way
Yet nothing of loneliness

Miles C.

Very Important People

It’s not the masses
Just the few
The majority will let you down
But a couple will hold you up.

Miles C.

For Everyone Who

For everyone who,

Uses a public bathroom, and
Doesn’t flush

Eats at Mc Donald’s, and
Complains about their weight

Says, “I love you,” and
Is lying

Drinks from glass bottles, and
Breaks them on the street

Plays silly meaningless games, and
Still have to cheat

Decides to drive, and
Know they are drunk

Complains when its snowing, and
When it is hot and sunny

Borrows, and
Does not return

Wakes up everyday, and
Does not say thank you

Fuck You.

Miles C.

Two Conversations

Two different conversations
All with the same words
You and I are saying something
It’s just not one thing
The words are an open texture
And this makes them impure
Unique ideas, from individual ideals
Opposing views and different dreams
So just close your lips
And lets share this kiss
I could say three words
But instead of speaking them
I rather demonstrate them

Miles C.


When we’re not sure
We see an edge
But fog blocks just past it
We could stay here
Constantly tempted
Or take the risk
Hold our breath
Close our eyes
And just jump
Sometimes it’s a ledge
Just one step
Others it’s a cliff
Might land in water
Might not
At least the fog is gone
And sleep is easier
I feel I always jump

Miles C.

My Name Is _________.

Call me what you will
My name, does not define me
Just letters pushed upon
At birth, before I lived
I like Bob, or Dick
Jerk, Tom, Asshole
Fred, Gay, and Mike
They are all just names
Based on nothing,
Save it all for my End
And finish my certificate when I am dead

Miles C.


Laying awake
Late in the night
Eyes wide
Sleep impossible
Minds wondering
Lungs racing
Heart skipping
Lips trembling

Miles C.

Rainy Days

Even in the rain
I am smiling
No matter the skies
Dark grey to blue
For this is my life
And I will always smile

Miles C.